1 January 2016


We live in this world there is no guarantee except Allah and we as human beings are obliged to seek to guarantee our own life of course by always praying to our Lord so that what we can do can be realized. What exactly should we guarantee in our lives? It is the survival of both ourselves and our immediate family, our wives and children. In our survival certainly will not always run perfectly but sometimes there are hurdles such as ILL, ACCIDENT, LOSS OF INCOME, and others so that in the end till the DEATH we certainly can not avoid. It will affect our lives both phsikologi and our family finances. This is where IKHTIAR we need, one of them is with RESULTING (MURIURANCE).

The point of auto Insurance is to recognize when bad times in our lives, Insurance is a policy that ensures protection and financial stability for families in the long term. Insurance is one of the current needs, because financially Insurance is a tool that will stabilize the future of your family, because Insurance can help protect your family from bankruptcy if a disaster occurs. Read: AUTO INSURANCE PRODUCT

Do We Need Insurance?
We must see what risks are likely to occur and how much risk will arise in a keunagan. For example: there is a head of the family who feed his wife and children, in case of accidental deaths, his wife and children lose the income they usually receive from their husbands. With such circumstances mean INSURANCE INSURANCE IS VERY REQUIRED, why? because with the above incident then the wife will get compensation from INSURANCE as a temporary subsistence. According to Ahmad Gozali (A Finance Planning Practitioner): This life insurance has many variants to attract consumers. The simplest is life insurance term life type where your funds will be forfeited if no disaster. Actually, such insurance is the most profitable for customers, because the premium is cheap and not have to worry if the insurance company bankrupt in the future. But unfortunately many customers are not interested because the money is forfeited if there is no claim.

There are also life insurance plus investments that also vary forms such as education insurance, pension insurance, and so forth. The bottom line is the same, insurance plus investment. The difference is only the purpose of the use of investment funds, whether the investment is for the cost of education of children, or for retirement later. The same is the principle with the insurance of losses such as home and vehicle insurance. If you have a vehicle that you have been damaged by accident or lost stolen, will it affect your finances. If yes, then you need vehicle insurance. Vice versa if you feel it is not important or no problem to use personal money for damage to the vehicle, then you do not need vehicle insurance.

Life Insurance like umbrellas that can protect you in the rain. It is used only in case. If it rains he will be used, otherwise it rains he is unused. However used or not, you still have to buy the umbrella. So before deciding whether to buy an umbrella or not, consider whether the day will rain or seem brighter. Is it problematic if rain, or not why a little wet. As with insurance, consider how much of a risk might be. And whether it will be problematic if there is a risk, meaning that the risk can be borne alone, or should be supported with life insurance.

What good insurance?
That is insurance that suits your needs. If you find it difficult to save a routine, just choose an educational insurance that can force you to set aside funds for the future of children. But if you already have a plan of own education funds, life insurance term life will be better for you. For health insurance, try to learn in the rules of the company where you work, if it is sufficient, then this insurance is no longer needed. In addition, as a Muslim, choose Takaful insurance. Because sharia insurance is free from elements of usury and gambling are very thick on conventional insurance.

Some things you should also consider when buying insurance:
1. For life insurance, make sure the name of the insured is your own as a breadwinner, not in the name of the wife. Enter the names of wives and children as beneficiaries.
2. Keep your insurance policy in a safe place and also known to your heirs. Especially for home insurance policy, do not be stored in the house.
3. Third, ask the insurance officer to explain to you and the heirs how the insurance claim procedure in case of disaster.
4. Make sure you always pay the premium on time and practical solutions / payment alternatives can be through the auto debit account savings account